Physical Exercise Boosts Your Brain and Memory

We’ve talked about walking meditation, mindfulness end exercise in previous article. Now let’s look at how walking can boost our brain.

Regular physical exercise reduces the odds of developing heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Physical activities also help you lose weight, lower your blood pressure, prevent depression, and just look better.

But, here’s another one, that you probably don’t think about. It especially applies to those of us having the brain fog that comes with age. Physical exercise changes the brain in ways that protect memory and thinking abilities.

When you go out for a walk or run, you know how it helps your body and heart. But the exercise can also help keep your brain healthy. That’s right, physical activity can help keep your brain healthy in many different ways.

Exercise enhances blood flow

Maintaining a healthy blood circulatory system is crucial to sustaining a healthy brain. Your brain cells stay healthy when they get enough blood. Exercise, specifically cardio workout, is one of the best ways to support a healthy circulatory system.

Decreased inflammation in the brain

At older age, inflammation in the brain is one of the leading causes of cognitive decay. Studies by Harvard and others have shown, consistent action is key to reducing the effects of inflammation.

Simple tips to fight inflammation:

Even if you aren’t at older age, this knowledge can still be useful to you.

If you start exercising when you are younger, it is always easier to continue when you get older. You develop good exercise habits and your muscles and bones remain stronger. It enables you to do a broader range of action when you are older.

So, even if you are younger, it’s best to start exercising now. That way you keep your brain healthy when you get older.

You sleep better

Many people spend their time watching television or browsing their phones. This results in poorer sleep quality. This creates a sort of chain reaction. Poorer sleep quality leads to a drop in a variety of cognitive functions, including memory.

Regular exercise improves sleep quality. That leads to an enhancement in your cognitive functions, including your memory.

Exercise reduces stress levels

Stress has many ill effects. One of the least talked about is a degradation in your cognitive functions.

It’s hard to think clearly when you are dealing with lots of stress. Have you ever needed to do anything that requires serious thought, like a test or something, while being stressed out? With stress, it’s much harder than normally.

Physical exercise boosts your cognitive performance by reducing stress levels. You are able to think clearer and remember things better. And just in general your brain will be healthier when you are less stressed out.

So don’t sit still, moving your body could sharpen your ideas. Walk, or go out jogging.