Mindful Walking in the Woods

Walking in the woods is like guided mindfulness

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  • 8-minute meditation

    8-Minute Meditation – That’s how I learned to meditate

    8-minute Meditation – Fit it into Your Day. There is a book that is all about the 8-minute meditation, that got me started. You will learn a lot of things about meditation from that book. You learn to practice meditation in just 8 minutes, and if you want, you can squeeze that time in your daily routine easily. It’s a time-frame that even the busiest of us can handle....

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  • Physical Exercise Boosts

    Physical Exercise Boosts Your Brain and Memory

    We’ve talked about walking meditation, mindfulness end exercise in previous article. Now let’s look at how walking can boost our brain.

    Regular physical exercise reduces the odds of developing heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Physical activities also help you lose weight...

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  • Walking Meditation for Health

    Walking Meditation for Health

    You might think that meditation is always performed in a closed room where no one can disturb you. That is the usual way of doing meditation, but that is not the only way to practice it.

    Sitting alone in the room without any physical movement, and just concentrating...

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  • The habit of going for a walk

    The habit of going for a walk

    Daily routine makes you more efficient, and it also reduces the time needed on deciding what to do next.

    I feel that following my daily routines, and doing both mental and physical exercises, helps me build priorities...

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  • Mindful walking

    Mindful walking – a step to a healthier life

    Many people nowadays are hooked up with meditation. It is often used to express the individual’s consciousness or thought, like turning his or her attention inward. It is usually practiced...

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